We have provided some answers to some of the most common questions asked.  We recommend you have a read through these before making your booking.

Can I cancel a lesson?

We do not offer a refund for cancellations and we are not obliged to offer make-up lessons, however we do try to offer these if/when they become available. You can book your own make up lessons by logging into the Simply Swim programme and selecting a vacated space.We need to be advised as early as possible of any absences so that there is an opportunity for someone to make use of the vacancy created.

How do I know which level to book my child into?

If you are an existing client of the Belinda Cadzow Swim School, your child will already be graded within our system.Instructors regrade students as necessary at the end of each term.

If you are new to our swim school, please refer to the references below;


Recommended for Beginners through to Beg Stroke Development level.We find that this is the best approach for children until the side breathing technique has been established.There is also a strong focus on water safety/confidence and correct body position at this level.

Class Duration : 15 mins    Max Students : 1


As above ,however there are two students sharing a half hour lesson.

This is an attractive option for children of 6 years of age and over who need longer than the 15 minutes in the water but are not able to join a group class.

Class Duration : 30 mins       Max Students: 2


This is the first entry level to group classes.Children must be able to kick 25 m on a board and swim 25 m Freestyle and 12.5 m Backstroke.Working half to full lengths .Strong focus on Freestyle and Backstroke and introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly. Basic drills are taught at this level.An Instructor must be in the water at this level.

Class Duration : 30 mins         Max Students: 4 (6 if a second Instructor is in the water )


Must be able to swim 25 m of Freestyle and Backstroke efficiently and been introduced to Breaststroke and Backstroke.Will mainly work full lengths of the pool finetuning techniques in all 4 strokes including drills/starts/finishes.

Class Duration : 45 mins       Max Students:  8


Fins/Silicone Cap/Goggles


Swimmers at this stage must be able to swim 25-50 m of each of the 4 strokes efficiently employing correct technique and be familiar with the drill sets.  Building endurance in preparation for squad. Will learn how to use the pace clock as a training aid and be introduced to competitive strategies such as starts ,turns, and finishes.

Class Duration : 45 mins         Max Students : 8


Fins/Silicone Cap/Goggles


Must be able to swim a minimum of 500 m and 50 m sets in each of the 4 strokes.Will work on competitive strategies, strength and endurance.A knowledge of skills/drills an  advantage. Competition strategies will be a significant component , although only in keeping with our philosophy that correct technique is the fundamental building block for great swimming.

Class Duration : 60/75 mins              Max Students : 24


Fins/Silicone Cap/Goggles

Do lessons go ahead in the rain?

If it is only rain , we do not cancel. Our philosophy is that the swimmers get wet anyway and there is shelter for spectators.

If there is lightening we must vacate the pool for a half hour after the last lightening strike.

What if there is a storm predicted?

Lessons will be held until the actual storm hits . There is no point cancelling all classes on the basis of a weather prediction. They are not always accurate and even if we get some lessons in it is better than none. Should lessons be cancelled mid session due to lightening we will endeavour to contact any absent parents and a staff member will remain at the pool to supervise children until they are collected.

What is the make up policy?

If there is no notice given we are unable to offer a make up lesson.

If at least 4 hours notice is given we are able to offer a make up lesson within the same term pending availability.Parents can book their own make ups using the Simply Swim website.

Credits/Refunds are not offered for absences except under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Swim School.

Do I have to give notice if cancelling classes?

Yes.We require 2 weeks notice of cessation of classes .