We offer two locations: Eagle Junction State School Pool and Fitness First Lutwyche.

Eagle Junction State School Pool


  • the RAMP GATE is located opposite house number 32 Roseby Ave
  • the gate at the top of the stairs nearest to Roseby Ave.

Please note the gate at the top of the stairs near the Assembly Hall is locked each morning and afternoon from 2.45pm due to its proximity to After School Care.

The pool is located on Roseby Avenue, Clayfield, about half way along on your RIGHT if you’re coming from Bonney Avenue. From Armagh Street the pool is on your left.


Parking between 7.45am and 8.30am, and 2.30pm to 3pm is very difficult due to school Pick Up Zones (GREEN PAINT ON CURB signifying a 2 minute set down).  Please note you may get a ticket if your car is in this area for more than 2 minutes within these times.

Fitness First

Our lessons at Fitness First are offered during the day on weekdays.

For directions:

After turning into East Street, turn right into a bitumened laneway (after another carpark entrance). Grab an outdoor carpark space if available or turn right into Fitness First’s undercover carpark. Walk outside the carpark and enter the building using one of the 2 entries.