Class Structure

Our swim school was one of the pioneers of the 15minute Private lesson (1:1 PRIVATE), which we believe is the most effective way for children at the pre-side-breathing stage to develop confidence and competency in the water. Not only do they learn more quickly, but our Instructors are able to focus on technique at this all-important stage. We are often complimented on the stroke technique shown by our students many years later.

Group lessons are also available at the following Instructor : Child Ratios

1:4 (Beg St Devt) 30 mins

1:5 (Stroke Devt – Small Group) 30 mins

1:8 (Stroke Devt/Mini Squad) 45 mins

1:16 (Squad) 1 hour

1:6 (Parent/Toddler Group Classes) 30 mins

Ability Level Codes for Swimmers

It can be very difficult placing children in the right groups via a phone or email booking. Ideally we like to assess each child prior to the start of a new term, however this is not always logistically possible. In order to assist us in placing your child in the level that will best suit your child, please refer to the Levels below.

P = Private Recommended for swimmers not yet competent at side breathing in freestyle. Will be taught Freestyle/some backstroke and a brief intro to fly, breast. We strongly believe that students master these skills at a faster rate than when taught in a group class. 15 minutes one on one lesson.

BSD = Beginner Stroke Able to kick a length of pool on board & swim 25 m freestyle. Learning all 4 strokes but not working the whole length of the pool. ½ lengths only. 4/class for 30 minutes.

SD = Stroke Development Doing all length work. Can swim all 4 strokes but need technique work. 5 / class : 30 minutes

MINI SQUAD  Preparation for Squad. Increasing endurance in all 4 strokes/ Intro to drills. 8/class: 45 minutes

SQUAD Can swim 50 m of all 4 strokes and able to endure a 1  hour session of all lengths. 

Adult Squad & Laps

Term 2, 2022 Adult Swimming Programme Timetable

Adult Squad at Ascot State School Pool (Days vary from Term to Term) 5.30am-6.30am 

Please contact the office for details on which days Adult Squad & Laps are held at our various locations.

$10 per session

Lap Swimming (Times will vary from Term to Term)

Times will be advised at the start of each term.  Regularly available 5.30am-6.30am M-F. 

$5 per session

Single, 5 or 10 pass packs can be purchased by emailing the office at